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50% Less Watering
30% Reduction in Mowing
  Last Up To 3 Months

The Parfect Grass Treatment

Because you deserve perfection!

Liquid Color
Liquid Nutrients
 Up To 3 Month Results

Our proprietary organic color agent keeps your grass looking perfectly green.  The green color is derived of organic plant based pigment and helps reduce watering by absorbing the sun's damaging UV rays, while allowing beneficial UV rays to be transferred to the grass canopy and root system.

We use a proprietary blend of organic nitrogen and micro nutrients to deliver the necessary nutritional content your grass needs at the time of service. The nutrients delivered in liquid solution allow the grass to respond faster than traditional granular fertilizer methods. Thus making your grass healthy faster.

Don't wait days, weeks or months to see your grass look its best.  You can see your grass transform into perfection from the moment we start our application process.  While the color agent instantly transforms your lawn, the nutrient package delivers the added health benefits your grass needs to thrive.   Click here to see our customers instant results.

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